Pinging Search Engines

A ping is basically an HTTP GET request that, in the context of a Google Sitemap, is sent to a search engine to notify of the need to re-crawl the Sitemap.

SiteTree Pro can ping the three major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo!) both upon request, and automatically when a new web page is published. The convenience of using SiteTree Pro to ping search engines relies mostly on its user interface, designed to be inconspicuous but at the same time to give to the user constant feedbacks about the pinging events.

The Pinging Cloud

The main element of the user interface of the pinging facility is a cloud that can be made visible by hovering over the coloured dot you find in the SiteTree Dashboard. The cloud is intended to give detailed informations about the pinging events and to provide the user with a labour-saving mean to send pings.

The pinging could.

By changing in colour and shape the Pinging Dot graphically represents the general status of the pinging facility:

Opt-in Automatic Pinging

The automatic pinging can be enabled from the Gooogle Sitemap's settings page, by default it is turned off.

Automatic pinging option.

When the automatic pinging is enabled, pings are sent whenever the permalink of a newly published page is added to the Sitemap, regardless of whether or not the pinging-on-request is temporarily idle.