Getting Started

To start using SiteTree you have to go only through three swift steps: installation, activation and enabling of the sitemaps.


Before you proceed, you have to know that SiteTree cannot run on versions of WordPress older than WordPress 5.2. However don't worry, SiteTree will warn you if there are environment incompatibilities.

To instal it you just have to unzip and upload the sitetree folder in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.


This step begins with locating SiteTree in the list of plugins and ends with a click on 'Activate'. As soon as the activation is complete, you will be promptly redirected to the 'SiteTree Dashboard'.

Enabling of the Sitemaps

From the 'SiteTree Dashboard' you can enable one or both sitemaps by just clicking on 'Enable'. Although to enable the Archive Page you first have to create the web page that will be going to house the Archive.

The SiteTree Dashboard with the sitemaps disabled.

Now the Google Sitemap and the Archive Page are ready to be customised from their respective settings pages.