A WordPress plugin to build sitemaps.

Now with Custom Post Types support.

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With SiteTree you can add to your WordPress website…

A Google Sitemap

SiteTree can build and maintain a dynamic and human-readable XML Sitemap with whatever kind of WordPress Post Type.
The XML Sitemap generated by SiteTree supports the inclusion of images' links and captions for posts, pages and custom posts that have images attached.

An Archive Page

It's a self-updating HTML5 Site Map that SiteTree lets you set up and customise in no time to create a plain collection of posts for a blog, a hierarchical list of pages for a business website, an index of recipes for a cooking blog or any sort of human-visible listing you need for your WordPress website.

The SiteTree Dashboard

An overview of the plugin's features.

  1. Sitetree Dashboard

    From the 'SiteTree Dashboard' you can enable or disable the Google Sitemap, choose in which page the Archive must be shown, manually rebuild the sitemaps and have information about the building process and the ping events.

  2. Code-free Customisation

    You can customise both sitemaps from WordPress-like settings pages, without writing any code. But if you know your way through the PHP jungle, you may use Hooks too.

  3. Automated Pinging of Search Engines

    SiteTree automatically notifies to Google, Bing and Yahoo! when the Google Sitemap needs to be crawled. These notifications, or pings, are sent only when new web pages are published.

  4. In Depth Control Over the Google Sitemap's Metadata

    From the editor screen of WordPress you can set the 'Priority' and the 'Update Frequency' for each post, page, or custom post listed in the Google Sitemap. These settings have precedence over the Google Sitemap's general preferences.

  5. Selective Exclusion of Web Pages

    If you want to exclude a web page from the Google Sitemap or the Archive, SiteTree lets you do it for each post, page, or custom post directly from the editor screen of WordPress. The permalinks to the excluded web pages can be added to the 'robots.txt' file generated by WordPress.

  6. Caching Leveraged

    Both the Google Sitemap and the Archive are cached at database level to avoid reconstructing them each time they are requested. The caching of the Google Sitemap is also leveraged through the use of appropriate HTTP Headers, thus reducing the amount of times it is served.

  7. Parla Italiano New

    SiteTree is a bilingual plugin, as much English-speaking as fluent in Italian.

  8. Automatically Updated

    You can update SiteTree just like you would do for a plugin hosted on with one click from within your administration area.

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