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User-friendly, lightweight and open source.

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Together with your copy of SiteTree Pro you will receive a License Key, valid for one website, that will give you access to automatic updates and technical support via email for one year from the date of purchase.

Please note that SiteTree Pro requires WordPress 5.2 or later to work.

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With SiteTree you can add to your WordPress website...

A Google Sitemap

It's a dynamic and human-readable XML Sitemap that SiteTree can build starting from whatever* kind of WordPress Post Type.
The Google Sitemap generated by SiteTree supports the inclusion of images' links and captions for posts, pages and custom posts* that have images attached.

A Site Tree

It's a self-updating HTML5 Site Map that SiteTree lets you set up and customise in no time to create a plain collection of posts for a blog, a hierarchical list of pages for a business website, an index of recipes for a cooking blog or any sort of human-visible listing you need for your WordPress website.

The SiteTree Dashboard
The dashboard of SiteTree Pro.

Why upgrade to SiteTree Pro?

An overview of the common features:

— A GPL-licenced work for WordPress 5.2 or later —