Release Notes: SiteTree 1.3

A new major version is out and ready to be installed! It’s a somewhat big update what I’m releasing today, with some new features and a lot of improvements — mostly in terms of performance.

The plugin no longer relies on the WordPress functions (template tags) to generate the sitemap but on its own optimised methods instead. That let me improve the whole code written around the database queries, reducing the server resources usage and making it to run faster.

As you’ll notice, the setting to exclude pages is gone. Now you can exclude pages directly from the New/Edit screen — much more efficient. If you set some exceptions, you don’t need to manually reassign them to each page, the plugin will automatically upgrade your settings when first launched.

Another functionality that has been refreshed is the grouping of posts by category: if a post belongs to more than one category, it’s now listed under the parent category that comes first in alphabetical order.

Google Sitemap — This is a feature I’m currently working on and it will get deep changes with the next releases. The implementation that comes with this version is a first beta I have tested for over 15 days with both Google and Bing, so don’t worry to use it right now on your website. Let me know on the support forum if you experience any issues.

Complete List of Changes