First of all, thank you for being interested in contributing to the project. SiteTree is a Free Open Source Software, that’s why the support of its users is essential to keep it going on.

Although the options listed below are more direct ways to get involved in its development, just blogging about it or rating it on can give a considerable help.

Give Your Feedback

Let me know what do you think about SiteTree, how you would enhance its features or what functionalities you would like to see included in the next major version. Looking at things from another point of view it’s always the best way to start improving.

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Report Bugs

Despite all the efforts made to publish a perfectly working software, there will be always bugs. Some of them usually show up during the next development cycle but others are much less evident and they can propagate between releases. No need to add more words to say that your help to identify bugs is more than welcome.

It’s very important that you are specific when you report a bug, because without enough information I cannot reproduce it and consequently fix it: write down all the php errors that are populating your browser window (or the ones you spotted into the log file of your server) along with a detailed description of the problem and a link to your website—if possible.

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Translating SiteTree in your own language is another great way to contribute to the project. If you are new to the translation workflow, just take a look at the documentation provided by itself.
Even though in the linked page you’ll find extensive and detailed information, I want to give you a few more tips and guidelines directly related to the way I formatted the original messages—they might be useful:

When your translation file (the one with .po extension) is ready, you can e-mail it to me at info[at]

↓ Download POT File

But if you want to update an existing translation or you want to correct an error you just noticed, below you find the list of available PO files. Before you start making changes to the translation file, remember to update it from the POT file linked above, because it may not be up-to-date with the latest set of messages.

After you have finished editing the file, please, send it back to me at info[at]